Gentryportofino was established in Genoa in 1974 thanks to the great intuition of the owner of important boutiques in the Ligurian Riviera Camillo Bertelli, who saw in the 'knitwear' market whose then major producers were the Anglo-Saxons an opportunity to exploit.The Gentryportofino concept started to take shape with a very simple aim: adding colours to knitwear collections. The success was immediate and massive.From the very beginning the gentryportofino project presented a total look collection, making its way into the market. Its promising results and constant growth led the brand to an additional step forward in 1978: signing an agreement with jersey producers Manifattura Ligure Maglieria (MALIMA) and then establishing a company named MGM to produce and process fully-fashioned knitwear. This was a massive goal for industry, trading and technology. From family-run business, Gentryportofino became a major Italian company. Thanks to the takeover of these two companies , the cut and sew was joined by the fully-fashioned knitwear) transforming the brand into an international company and expanding their range: besides the everlasting 'gentry' garments (cashmere, cashmere and silk, merino wool, linen, cotton, viscose) T-shirts and polo shirts were introduced as must have items representative of the brand, obtaining great success. In 1980, after the first achievements, the very first menswear collection was added to the women's lines.


Cachemere, elegance and creativity

Camillo Bertelli felt the need to have a creative person onboard, a person who would suggest ideas in a continuous loop, capable of managing colours and shapes: a designer. A young and talented Enrico Coveri took the field and created the first proper collection by Gentryportofino. Their collaboration lasted two years, from to 1975 to 1977, when another talent joined the team: the now internationally renowned Gianfranco Ferrè, who designed collections until 1979. Many other celebrated designers followed, including Martin Margiela from 1992 to 1997, Saverio Palatella and Christina Kim. Gentryportofino would transmit the knowledge, the expertise and the techniques, whilst the designers would put their creative hint in it: Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Zoran had their designs produced by Gentryportofino.

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